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Should I use LegalZoom
or other online estate planning products?
Should I write my own will?

Should I use LegalZoom or other online Will Forms?

California estate law is very different than the estate law of other states.  There are different (and strict) requirements for California wills and trusts, and even for how these documents are witnessed or acknowledged.  Only you can decide how to spend your money, but we do recommend that you carefully read the disclaimers on these websites.  Although some such websites claim to have your documents reviewed, or personalized, they don’t specify who does the reviewing or personalizing.  In fact, most such sites state that they are not lawyers, that the information provided on their site is not legal advice, and/or that the website is “not a substitute for an attorney or law firm.” (LegalZoom’s disclaimer). So whoever is reviewing your document might not be a lawyer.

These documents need to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself.  What if they are invalid?  What if they don’t actually say what you wanted? Is this a risk you are willing to take?

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Should you write your own will?