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If You Don’t Need It
We Don’t Suggest It!

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Financial Powers of Attorney (POA), LGBT Planning
Appoint a Guardian for Your Children

Our Services

All basic Estate Planning Services as well as Family Law Services that are directly related to Estate Planning

Probate Planning Advice: What is Probate, and does your family needs to worry about it?  We advise you on your options, and you choose the Estate Planning documents that are best for you.  If you don’t need it, we don’t suggest it.

Wills and Trusts: Learn the differences, and choose which one is right for your family.  Either way we personalize your documents for you and your family.

Incapacity Documents:

  • Health Care Agents – Powers of Attorney and California Advanced Directives: WHO makes your health care decisions if you can’t? And HOW?
  • Financial Agents and Powers of Attorney – WHO handles your money if you can’t. And How?

Guardians: Appoint a Guardian for your childrenDon’t put if off any longer!

Single Parents: Be sure your children really get your money, not your Ex. Who will control it when your children are young?

Inheritance: Ensure joint assets stay with joint children – or separate assets go to separate children

Pet Trusts: Ensure your Pets’ Security, in case of emergencies, and if you die. Pet Trust Info

LGBT: Prepare for ALL possible CA law situations and changes: LGBT Page

Estate-Related Family Law Services

Agreements: Prenuptial, Post Nuptial, and No-Nuptial Agreements (living together), including Registered Domestic Partnerships

Stepparent Adoptions: Ensure government benefits for your children, especially important for LGBT Estate Planning.

Pre and Post Dissolution Estate Planning:

  • Identify and segregate Separate Property.
  • Ensure joint assets stay with joint children.

Single Parent Estate Planning: Safeguard your assets in a separate trust for your children.

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Our Fees

Free First Consultation for Estate Law Packages

Most of our services are offered on a flat fee basis.

Please be assured that we work hard to achieve a balance between a fair price for you, and fair compensation for the firm. We are not the “McDonald’s” of Estate Planning, and strongly recommend against such “drive-through/one price fits all” services. We spend time getting to know you and ensuring that your estate plan truly meets your needs and the needs of your family.

Our fees are generally considered to be more than competetive. We are happy to provide some pricing information by phone, but, of course, cannot quote a definite price until we understand your needs. This is not a gimmick! (Replacing an engine costs more than replacing a fan belt!).