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Pets need to be fed and cared for every day.
What will happen to your pets if you are hurt in an accident?
If you die?

Protect your right to have your pets stay with you as you age!


Protecting Pets (and their owners) Through Pet Trusts and Other Legal Documents,
in Davis California, all of Yolo, Sacramento, Solano Counties, and beyond.

Why should you consider a Pet Trust?  Your Pet needs care every day.  His needs can’t wait for your Will to be found and read.  A Will is not read until after you die, sometimes weeks or longer after you die. Who will care for your Pets in the meantime?  A Pet Trust can speak for your pets when you can’t.

If you are hurt temporarily, do you have a temporary pet guardian to step in and immediately take care of your pet? Ask us about an emergency temporary pet guardian.

If you become seriously ill, wouldn’t you want your pets with you, to comfort you?  Scientific research has shown that people heal better and faster when they have a pet with them.  A legal Pet-Trust can help ensure that your pets are kept with you, by speaking for you, when you can’t.   Working hand-in-hand with your Health Care Advance Directive, you can direct your family and friends to ensure that your pets are kept with you as l9ong as possible.  Even better yet, combining both of these documents with a Revocable Family Trust, you can design a full Estate Plan for you and your Pets at all points in your life, and thereafter.

See what the Humane Society has to say:

Alex has owned cats and dogs since she was four years old and refused to play at a country fair without first buying her very first kitten.  She understands the close bond that develops between pets and their owners, and will protect your relationships with respect and sincerity.

Invite Alex to speak to your group or organization about Pet Trusts and other Estate Planning, at no cost to you. AlexWyman@gmail.com