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In a Changing Legal Landscape
Your Family Can’t Afford to Wait

Say it ain’t so:

2007: A woman suffered alone in the ICU, while her Lesbian partner of more than twenty years was barred from seeing her, or helping her, because they weren’t “married,” and didn’t have health care powers of attorney.  They were only traveling through the state! Arkansas.

2008: A young man lost not only his dearest partner, but the home that they shared, because they hadn’t “gotten around” to estate planning. Sacramento CA.

2009: A woman was denied custody and visitation with the 2½ year old child of her civil union to her domestic partner, because she had never legally adopted the child. New York.

2009: Proposition 8 is voted into law in California.

2010: Up and down and up again.  Proposition 8 is bounced between courts.  Will it go to the U.S. Supreme Court, or will it be decided on a technicality?

Into the future: No one really knows if another state will uphold the sanctity of your California marriage or Registered Domestic Partnership.   With laws and rules changing, and many just plain unclear, put your decisions in writing.  Protect yourself, your partner, your spouse, and especially your children, who cannot protect themselves.

We Plan for Changes in the Law

Some states are moving forward, while others, including California, seem to be moving backwards.

But you need an Estate Plan that works even if the law changes – A plan that protects you and your family both in and out of California.

Our Estate Documents plan forward to a time when all people can say “I Do” and be treated equally under the law nationwide. But we also urge you to plan for an emergency in an unfriendly state, a job move, or a weekend in Reno.

Children, are both a blessing and a responsibility. We urge you to ensure their safety and well-being in case you are injured or worse.